Who’s Rusty?

Rusty can refer to my hair colour and also my bus driver name when working as a tour guide. Later i found out the other drivers were telling the passengers i was called rusty because i was rusty in bed, Ironical as i was the only driver putting in decent numbers, in fact i lost that job because of womanising.

Aside from my name, i can tell you I’m a kiwi(New Zealander) living in Auckland, average height, slim build and in my late 20’s

I was a clueless before i discovered game. I was from the ‘cool kids/jocks’ group at an all boys school so had a big social circle and a lot of girls around from 17 onwards however i was the ‘nice guy’ and at one point seemed like i had more girl mates then guy mates. I got my first girlfriend at 22 which lasted for a year before i went on a big backpacking over seas experience to slay the poosay! Given i couldn’t tell you why i got laid or why i didn’t, it was all hit and miss.

It wasn’t until this event in December 2013 which got me reading game and then start taking real action on the street June 2014.